Thursday, November 20, 2014

Will you marry me?

mar•ry /ˈmæri/ v.,  -ried, -ry•ing.
  1. [+ object]to take (someone) as a husband or wife:He married her when he was eighteen.
  2. [no object]to take a husband or wife; wed:In some countries girls can marry when they are fourteen.
  3. [+ object]to perform the marriage ceremony for (a couple):The priest married them in the old church.
  4. to arrange the marriage of:[+ object]He wanted to marry his daughter into a rich family.[+ off + object]They married off all their children.[+ object + off]married them off quickly.
Marry is not followed by any preposition. He married to/with Jane.

To get mar•ried /ˈmærid/ adj. 
  1. [no object] to get united in marriage  I got married in Florida.
  2. [+ object] ] to get united in marriage I got married to Jane

Do not use the preposition with. It is incorrect. He got married with Jane.

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