Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Report

This is the report you have to write. Good luck!

You have been asked to write a report for an international survey about attitudes to jobs in your country. You should:

  • ·         Describe the ways in which some jobs have gained or lost respect during the past twenty years
  • ·         Explain why you think this has occurred
  • ·         Say what other changes in jobs status may take place in the future

The key for the exercises on gerund or infinitives

Here is the key to the exercises on gerinds and infinitives that we dind't do in class.

This is the astronaut everbody is talking about

If you want to know more about him. Read this article.

Questions for Invictus/Playing the Enemy


  1. Where and when did John Carlin speak to Mandela about writing the book?
  2. What other sportsmen does Carlin mention as having been a shaper on political perceptions?
  3. Who did Carlin have a very emotional interview with and why did this surprise him?
  4. What does Carlin say are the basic conditions for a fairy story?  Do you agree?
  5. In what way does Carlin say Mandela had the edge over other charismatic politicians?

Chapter 1  Breakfast in Houghton

  1. What ritual could Mandela never fail to do no matter where he was?
  2. What ritual annoyed his cell mates on Robben Island?
  3. How did the Springboks feel that they could play a part in politics by winning the final?
  4. What figure did Mandela’s bodyguard, Moonsamy, compare Mandela to on entering the stadium?
  5. Name two things they were afraid could happen in the stadium to upset the atmosphere.

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Oral situations June

Finally you have the oral situations to practise for the exam.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A touchy subject

We tend to think that we (Spaniards) are normal and the foreigners are strange. See through a foreigner's eyes how they see the touching issue.
Read the article

Monday, May 13, 2013

Passive reporting

Feel too lazy to flick through your notes? Just watch this video.

Extra exercises on inversion

Have a look here if you'd like to practise more.