Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Quick review on conditionals (thanks to my colleague María Jesús)

Conditional sentences (OUP)

Type 1 conditional sentences

They are used to talk about a possible present or future situation and its result.

You can use any present tense in the if clause and any form of the future in the other clause.


They won’t get a table unless theyve already booked.

Can I borrow your dictionary a moment if youre not using it?

If it stops raining, Im going to walk into town.

Listening Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals


The unavoidable synopsis -- two young American Indians leave the reservation to resolve their problems and to find themselves -- belies the poetry of this well-acted, well-directed and largehearted movie.
Rotten Tomatoes (
It was shocking to realize that as late as 1998, this was still one of the few movies made by insiders, written, directed, and acted by Native Americans. The father-son narrative is conventional but it has humor and is well acted.
Emanuel Levy

According to this part of the film Tom must change some aspects of his appearance to  be a real Indian.
  1. Indians are not supposed to ___________
  2. You must look _________ and look like a ___________
  3. You should look like you’ve just been _________________________
  4. You have to know how to____________________. An Indian man is nothing________________.
  5. You have to ________________ that suit.

Narrative tenses

This is the key of the exercises on narrative tenses


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Students in team C (blue)

Please all students in team C blue read these two articles for Tuesday 12h and write two questions about them.
1. Starbucks cups controversy
Ellen on one of the already traditional Starbucks cups controversies

2. Should we say Father Christmas?

Correction Key

This is the correction key I use to mark your compositions.

WW         Wrong Word
WO          Wrong Order
GR            Grammar
SP             Spelling
P               Punctuation
ST             Style
V              Word(s) missing
T               Verb Tense

Monday, December 4, 2017

Key environment

Click here to check the key.

Native Americans

These are the videos we watched in class last week. 


Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond takes an entertaining and insightful look at the Hollywood Indian, exploring the portrayal of North American Natives through a century of cinema.

The Oscars
 Sacheen Littlefeather refusing to accept the Best Actor Oscar® on behalf of Marlon Brando for his performance in "The Godfather" - the 45th Annual Academy Awards® in 1973. Liv Ullmann and Roger Moore presented the award.

 CNN on Event honoring Native American veterans

Monday, November 27, 2017

Crime vocabulary

B burglar C committed    Ddealer    E evidence    F fraud   G guilty    H hacker   I innocent   J jury
K kidnapped   L let   M mugger   O offence   P pickpockets   Q question   R robberies   S stalker
T theft   V verdict    W witnesses


This is the video we watched in class on Thursday.

and this is the key of the crossword
  1. American
  2. Pilgrims

Monday, November 20, 2017

This is a call for all the students in Team D (pink)

These are the texts that you need to read for this week. Don't worry much about all the new vocabulary in the second text, just try to get the gist. Students in Team D (pink)