Monday, November 7, 2016

A classic: verb+ed pronunciation

Regular past tenses in English can have three different pronunciations:

  • /id/ verbs ending in sound t or d
  • /d/ (no extra syllable!!!!)
  • /t/ (no extra syllable!!!!)
The pronunciation /ed/ is NEVER used.
Take a look at this websites to get more information
Site 1
Site 2 (with sound)
Site 3 (pdf with exercise+key)
If you'd like to have the chart click here

Irregular verbs grouped by sound or spelling

List 1 (just click on the numbers)
List 2 (extensive)

Writing an article

Look at this  link to have more information about tips on writing an article.

Thanks to María Jesús García San Martín EOI Luarca

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Chicken and chorizo paella

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