Friday, April 24, 2015

Magical places 2

Where are these magical places? The12:00 group has written the texts.
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A. It´s a glacial lake on the East coast. It´s named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and the wife of the the Marquis of Lorne, who was the Governor General of Canada.
The emerald colour of the water comes from rock flour carried in the lake by melt-water from the glacier that overlooks the lake.
It has a surface of0.8 km2. There is a great variety of hiking trails around the lake and some f them  are open to mountain hiking and horseback riding.
Some of the mountain faces offer opportunities for rock climbing, kayaking or canoeing which are very popular in summer.
It is said that the remains of a half-mam half-fish mummified creature can be found in the lake.


B. This place is located in the UK. It is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that appeared around 60 millions years ago due to an intense volcanic activity.
There is a legend about the origins of its creation. The story is about two giants who did not get along well. One of this giants lived on the Antrim coast and the other in Scotland. In order to solve their differences they decided to have a fifght. Then one of them built a causeway of enormous stones across the sea from Antrim to Scotland, but as soon as he was approaching to his rival, he got afraid and went back home, losing one of his boots. The other giant ran to reach him nut when he arrived he just found a baby (who was the giant in disguise). He was scared thinking about the size that the father’s baby would have, so he ran away home too.
This peculiar landmark intrigues and inspires visitors who come to this magical place attracted by this unsolved mistery.


C. It is located in England. For centuries, historians and archaelogists have puzzled over the many mysteries of this places. Archaelogists believe this magical place was built in several stages.
According to the 12th-century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth, this famous places is the handiwork of Merlin the Wizard. Other early hypotheses attributed its building to the Saxons, Danes, Romans, Greeks or Egyptians. Many modern historians and archaelogists now agree that several tribes contributed to build this place.
Every year, one million people visit this magical place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.


Magical places

Where are these magical places? The 9:30 group has written the texts.
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A. This is the story of a haunted house, located in a misterious city in the southern USA, whose ghostly legend dates back to 1832. Former owners, who were a very rich family, were told to kill their black slaves inside the house in a very cruel way.

After the death of this family, the house became a high school, then a music and fashionable dancing school and finally it was bought by a rich man who also died inside the house in strange circumstances.

The people who lived in the mansion, after the wealthy family left it,  said they used to hear strange noises, cries and groans at  night. This mansion became the center of rumours regarding strange events.

There were also rumours of a lost treasure circulating but nobody dared  to go in search of it.

Today the house has been restored  and it is a luxury apartments house for those who can afford them, but when restoring it there was found a cementery beneath the house. It is said the former owners used to bury their slaves there and the ghosts that appear nowadays are those people tortured and killed inside the house.

B. If you imagine an unreal and beautiful landscape, this is the right place. We have chosen it because it’s like being into a tale due to its several waterfalls and the beauty of the rock formations carved by the falling water, and as a consequence of this, numerous cold, blue and crystal pools are created where you can swim and even see the bottom if you are brave enough.
These famous pools entice visitors from all over the world. It is a good place to take some lovely photos; this really is an enchanting spot.  
You can follow the gravel path and you can see the first waterfall with the highest fall and the deepest pool. The next pool up is properly the most famous.  It features a natural arch, offering a beautiful view.
There is a legend that says that in this place inhabit good and evil fairies so if you like hiking and you come there, you might see them!
In our opinion, if you want discover a magical feel and enjoy with great views you cannot miss it, we are sure that if you visit it you will not regret it.
Raquel Ana Belén
C. This magical place is located in Europe, in a mountain range where the highest mountaintop of this land can be found. It is known as the most spectacular mountain in the country.
It is placed close to a town steeped in culture and local history, where more than half of its population speaks the language of King Arthur and Merlin.
This green region, due to the heavy rainfalls, hides wonderful legends in its valleys and mountains.
The most popular explanation for the name of this place talks about a giant warrior poet and his chair. It is said that the giant used to sit in this mountain, as it was his own armchair, to gaze the stars.  Landscape features of the mountain are attributed to the actions of our Giant: for example, some huge boulders at the side of the mountain are said to be stones that our friend shook out of his shoes. The local elderly say that anyone who sleeps on the mountain will awaken either a madman, a bard or indeed never wakes again.
It is said too, there was a giant king in those lands who used to shave and collect the beards of his enemies. Once he demanded the beard of King Arthur, who challenged him to a duel. R____ the Giant was killed by Arthur and was buried at the highest peak in this area. From then on it is called G_______ R____, known in English as S_______.
At the base of this mountain is the ancient fortress of D_____ E_____. According to legend, King V_________ sought refuge in The E____ Mountains and started to build his fort. But every time the workers began to build, the foundations fell. The King gathered all the magicians of the Court who told him that the fort could only be finished if an orphan was sacrificed. Legend has it that Merlin was this boy. He was taken to the palace to be killed, but he challenged the magicians telling them that the King was the real cause of their failure. What really happened was that there was an underground lake in which every night a white dragon fought against a red dragon. The red dragon represents the Celts and the white dragon represents the Saxons. Every night the white dragon beat the red one, and this is what would happen in the future: Saxons would beat and would dominate the island.
And so happened. Thousands of Celts had to leave the island in the hands of the English invaders and part of them even had to cross the sea to Britain, Asturias and Galicia. The Celtic language and culture nearly disappeared, but the red dragon spirit remains nowadays.

D. Those that live here have a theory about how the hills came to be: once upon a time, a giant fell in love with a village girl.  The giant kidnapped the girl, but she died en route.  The giant’s tears solidified in this particular area.

This extraordinary area is formed by mounds of a generally cone-shaped and and they are almost symmetrical.  There are between 1,268  and 1,776 mounds, these cone-shaped or dome-shaped hills are actually made of grass-covered limestone.  The domes vary in size,  from 30 to 50 metres high, with the largest being 120 metres in height. Geologists have not reached consensus on how they were formed, but the most popular theory suggests that these mounds were lifted up from the seafloor of coral deposits and the action of rainwater and erosion.
The grass that covers each hill turns chocolate-brown during the summer season.