Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enjoy your holidays!

Tips and topics for the oral exam


  • ·          Read carefully the instructions and make sure you understand everything.
  • ·          Give a short introduction (greeting)
  • ·          Speak about all the points you are required. Stay focused on the task.
  • ·          Introduce the points one by one. Express your opinion but don’t agree too soon. At the end try to summarize all the agreements you’ve reached. Warn, advice, persuade….
  • ·          Use specific vocabulary related to the issue.
  • ·          Make use of some of the grammar structures you’ve studied during the course.
  • ·          Express agreement and disagreement using some of the structures you’ve learnt. You also need to warn, advice, persuade….
  • ·          Adapt the register(formal/informal)  you use to the different situations
  • ·          Show interest
  • ·          Take the floor, interrupting if necessary, involve your partner(s) in the conversation


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Timing for the oral exam

Speaking  Exam AVANZADO 1

*Se trata de horarios orientativos, que pueden adelantarse o retrasarse según las circunstancias del examen. El alumno deberá estar siempre al menos 10 minutos antes de la hora a la que está citado. Las parejas también se pueden modificar dependiendo de las necesidades del examen.