Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tips and topics for the oral exam


  • ·          Read carefully the instructions and make sure you understand everything.
  • ·          Give a short introduction (greeting)
  • ·          Speak about all the points you are required. Stay focused on the task.
  • ·          Introduce the points one by one. Express your opinion but don’t agree too soon. At the end try to summarize all the agreements you’ve reached. Warn, advice, persuade….
  • ·          Use specific vocabulary related to the issue.
  • ·          Make use of some of the grammar structures you’ve studied during the course.
  • ·          Express agreement and disagreement using some of the structures you’ve learnt. You also need to warn, advice, persuade….
  • ·          Adapt the register(formal/informal)  you use to the different situations
  • ·          Show interest
  • ·          Take the floor, interrupting if necessary, involve your partner(s) in the conversation

Remember these topics are for the whole course, for the moment we'll only use the ones we've already seen or the ones we consider you're capable of doing without preparation.

– Television and mass media
·         Programmes: reality shows, gossip programes, documentaries, soap operas, cartoons, the news, weather forecast, sports programmes, music programmes, talk shows, dramas, sitcoms, series, serials, etc.)
·         Advertising. Impact on people and children
·         Newspapers (tabloid vs broadsheets, magazines, daily newspapers, etc.) Online newspapers
·         Children and television. Violence and impact on children
·         Positive aspects vs negative aspects
·         Educational programmes on TV
– Holidays 
·         Different kinds of holidays: package holiday, camping, guided tours, cruises
·         Favourite means of tranport for holidays: own car, plane, train, etc.
·         People to go with: alone, family, friends, partner, etc.
·         Your last holiday
·         Your future holiday
·         Rural tourism (relaxing, nature, sports) vs urban tourism (sightseeing, monuments, museums)
– Education 
·         Private education vs state education
·         Past education vs today’s education
·         Your school days: favourite subjets, teachers, school, uniform, etc.
·         Technology in class: positive and negative aspects?
·         Lack of money for grants?
– Sports
·         Sports you do and how often?
·         Children and sports. Sedentary life? Present and past, difference?
·         Your opinion on risky sports
·         Footballers: do they earn too much money?
·         The Olympic Games
– Jobs
·         Describe your job. How long have you been doing it? What do you like about it?
·         Your ideal job.
·         Retirement age: the ideal age?
·         Dangerous jobs.
·         Your opinion on civil servants in Spain.
– Technology
·         How has technology changed the world?
·         Past and present: comparison
·         I couldn’t live without my mobile. Do you agree with this statement?
·         E-books. Do you have one? Why (not)?
·         Technology in education. Positive and negative aspects?
·         Do children have too many gadgets?
– Money
·         Social difference: rich and poor people?
·         The economic crisis. How is it affecting society?
·         What do you spend your money on?
·         Todays’ salaries. Is it possible to save money?
·         Charities. Do you give money to them? Why (not)?
·         Shopping. Do you like it? Where do you like shopping?
·         Money corrupts people. Do you agree?
– Music and books
·         Music you like and your favourite singer/ band
·         Your opinion on going to concerts
·         Do you like reading? What do you normally read?
·         Is reading good for children? Why (not)?
·         The best book you’ve ever read
·         A book you would never recommend
·         Books made into films. Which do you prefer, the book or the film?
– Eating habits
·         You are what you eat. Do you agree with this statement?
·         Your favourite food.
·         Do you like fast food? How often do you have it?
·         Eating out, do you like it?
·         Children and obesity.
·         Organic food, too expensive?
·         Eating disorders
·         Eating habits
 The environment
·         What do you do to help the environment?
·         Recycling. Do you recycle? What and how?
·         Temperatures are rising more and more. What’s the cause?
·         What can you do at home to save energy? –
·         Traditional vs alternative medicine
·         Stress, how to deal with it
·         Lifestyle and health
·         Politics
·         Corruption
·         Crime
·         Public safety

·         Family, parenting, types of family, The elderly, Marriage traditional vs alternative, Communication, social networks, face to face, smartphones

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