Friday, June 16, 2017

Oral exam

Some of you asked me to post all the information about the oral exam. I hope I haven't forgotten anything!

Oral Exam
  • Task 1 (Monologue). You pick two topics and then you have to choose one. You have 1-2 minutes to think about the subject, but you can’t write down anything. You have to speak for 3 minutes.
  • Task 2 (Dialogue), you just have the time to read the task and then you must speak for 4-5 minutes (6-7 if you are a group of three).

I’ll set a timer (as I did in March) that will beep when you reach the minimum number of minutes, so you have the time to finish off appropriately.

There are two teachers (I'm one of them). Remember you’ll be recorded!

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