Monday, December 21, 2015

Key going to/present continuous/will

Find here the key of the exercises.

Exercise going to/present continuous
1 We're going to stay/We're staying at home tonight. 2 It's going to rajn
tomorrow. 3 We are going to eat/We're eating at a restaurant tonight.

4 They're going to drive/They're driving to Manchester tomorrow morning.
5 I'm going to brush my teeth, have a wash, and go to bed. 6 You're going
to break it! 7 My parents are staying/going to stay with us for the weekend.
8 Who's going to tell him the news? 9 We are going to miss the train!
10 How many people are arriving/going to arrive today? 11 They're going to
see/They're seeing Nick at 10 o'clock tomorrow. 12 I'm going to the seaside
next weekend. 13 Who's coming to John's party later? 14 Bring your hat
and gloves - it's going to get cold later tonight. 15 Mary's going to fly/Mary's
flying to Barbados next Tuesday. 16 Our friends are going to meet/Our
friends are meeting us before the concert. 17 We're moving/We're going to
move into our new house next month.

Exercise going to /will
1 'm going to see 2 'm going to get 3 'll get 4 're all going to meet 5 'll
meet 6 'll be 7 ‘ll pay 8 Are you going to eat. 9 shall we go 10 'll phone
11 'll book 12 'll see

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