Thursday, November 13, 2014

Interview with Roald Dahl

This is what we listened to in class

·         Why did he start writing for children? He had a son.

·         What was his first book about? About a peach (that got bigger and bigger)

·         How does he feel “now” about making up stories for his children? The well is a running a little bit dry (He's running out out of ideas, he's getting worse)

·         How many hours a day is he immersed in a world of fantasy? 4 or 5 hours a day

·         What is more difficult writing an adult or a children book? A children book (you have to get immersed in a dotty world of fantasy). 

·         What do you have to do to write a children book when you are an adult? You have to put yourself in their minds

·         What are the problems adults face when writing children books? you became pompous, adult, grown -up, you've lost all your jokingness



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