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Questions for Invictus/Playing the Enemy


  1. Where and when did John Carlin speak to Mandela about writing the book?
  2. What other sportsmen does Carlin mention as having been a shaper on political perceptions?
  3. Who did Carlin have a very emotional interview with and why did this surprise him?
  4. What does Carlin say are the basic conditions for a fairy story?  Do you agree?
  5. In what way does Carlin say Mandela had the edge over other charismatic politicians?

Chapter 1  Breakfast in Houghton

  1. What ritual could Mandela never fail to do no matter where he was?
  2. What ritual annoyed his cell mates on Robben Island?
  3. How did the Springboks feel that they could play a part in politics by winning the final?
  4. What figure did Mandela’s bodyguard, Moonsamy, compare Mandela to on entering the stadium?
  5. Name two things they were afraid could happen in the stadium to upset the atmosphere.

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Chapter 2    The Minister of Justice

  1. What made white people in South Africa leave and go to Britain, Australia and the USA in 1985?
  2. Why did Botha decide to set up a meeting between Mandela and Coetsee?
  3. Describe what happened when Mandela’s lawyer, Bizos, visited him in prison.
  4. Describe Badenhorst and his management of the prison.  Describe how things improved when he left.
  5. What changed when Mandela returned to prison after being discharged?
  6. Describe Mandela’s relationship with Christo Brand.
  7. How did Mandela win over Van Sittert?
Chapter 3    Separate Amenities

  1. What does Carlin call townships?
  2. Describe Justice’s memory of his allegiance to Mandela.
  3. What did Van Dyk ask the blacks to do on 13th November?  Describe what happened
  4. Who was Lucas Sethwala?

Chapter 4     Bagging the Croc

  1. What mission did Botha give Niel Barnard?
  2. Discuss how you think Mandela must have felt when Botha’s government was cracking down on the blacks but treating him well.
  3. What was Sexwale’s reaction when he saw two TVs in Mandela’s house in Victor Verster prison?
  4. What did Barnard warn Mandela not to do in his meeting with Botha?  Describe Barnard & Mandela’s relationship.
  5. How did Mandela compare his people to the Afrikaaners?

Chapter 5     Different Planets

  1. What surprised the Pienaar family while watching the Springboks tour of New Zealand?
  2. Discuss the fact that the Pienaars had maids despite the fact they were considered lower class.
  3. How did Stofile define sport?
  4. Describe how Judge Basson behaved at the trial.
  5. Who do you think killed Lubowski  Why?

Chapter 6    Ayatollah Mandela

  1. Why did the government feel it was urgent to release Mandela?
  2. Why was his release delayed?
  3. What big hurdle did Mandela have to face soon after he came out of prison? Give your opinion of Mandela’s statement to the press. about his 27 years in prison    “Despite the hard times in prison…” p.85
  4. How did François Pienaar feel about Mandela’s speech?
  5. How did the international journalists react at the end of the speech?
  6. How did the Afrikaans press react?
  7. Talk about Rossow’s opinion of Mandela. (p.88)
Chapter 7   The Tiger King

  1. What was the AWB?
  2. What was Mandela’s first priority?
  3. Explain the Population Registration Act.Compare this with people undergoing operations to change the colour of their skin.
  4. Discuss the different personalities and opinions of the Viljoen brothers.  Do you know of any similar cases of family members with very different opinions.
Chapter 8     The Mask

  1. What was the relationship between Mandela and de Klerk like?
  2. What did Bebekeke decide to do when he was set free?
  3. Why did Buthelizi accept apartheid?  (p.108)
  4. Why was the rugby match in August ’92 against New Zealand a disaster?
  5. How did Mandela react to Chris Hani’s murder?
  6. Discuss ‘the mask’ Mandela had to wear? (p.117)
Chapter 9    The Bitter-Enders

  1. Discuss the title of this chapter.
  2. Why did Mandela tolerate the young blacks singing “Kill the Boer” at Chris Hani’s funeral?
Chapter 10    Romancing the General

  1. What was Constand’s attitude to war?
  2. How did Constand feel when he met Mandela?
  3. What important events happened in 1994?
  4. What disappointed Mandela about the Nobel Peace Prize?
Chapter 11    Address their Hearts

  1. What happened when Mandela was called out of the room for a phone call?
  2. Why did Viljoen not continue?
  3. How did Mandela react when he saw Reinders packing his things after the election?
  4. How did Mandela react when he saw Viljoen at the national assembly?
Chapter 12    The Captain and the President

  1. How did François Pienaar feel about meeting Mandela?
  2. What was Mandela’s tactic having François Pienaar coming to his office?
  3. Explain how Johann Heyns’ change of mind came about.
  4. What was Mandela’s reaction to his death?
Chapter 13    Springbok Serenade

  1. What was Griffiths’ most valuable contribution to the World Cup?
  2. What was du Plessis’s regret?
  3. How did the Springboks react to Annie Munik?
  4. How did Wiese feel after singing “Nkosi Sikelele”?
  5. Why was James Small so moved by the music?
Chapter 14    Silvermine

  1. How did the team react to Mandela’s visit to Silvermine?
  2. Where did the players visit the day after they beat Australia?  Describe the visit.
Chapter 15    Doubting Thomases

1.        Explain the reference to the name of this chapter
2.  What tactical mistake did Mandela make when he went to the ANC rally in KwaZulu?  Give three reasons
  1. How did rugby affect the relationship between the black and white bodyguards?
  2. Describe the visit to Zwide   (p.196)
  3. Who saved the day before the match against France?
  4. Talk about Benazzi’s (French player) reaction to losing against the Springboks.
Chapter 16    The Number Six Jersey

  1. Discuss the five factors that the Argus newspaper listed as enabling rugby to become ‘a unifying catalyst’?  (p.203)   Do you agree?  Which, in your opinion is the most important?
  2. What was Mandela’s biggest concern at the final?
  3. How did Mandela react to the suggestion of wearing the Springbok jersey?   Why?
Chapter 17    ‘Nelson!  Nelson!’

  1. Where was Shosholoza originally played?
  2. Explain how it came about that Moyane led the crowd to sing Shosholoza?
  3. Describe Captain Kay’s stunt over the stadium.
  4. Describe how the crowd reacted after that.
  5. Describe Bebekeke’s transformation.
Chapter 18    Blood in the Throat

  1. Describe Pienaar’s emotions just before the match.
  2. How did Mandela greet the All Blacks before the match?
  3. What did Lomu do which was out of protocol and how did the Springboks react?
Chapter 19    Love Thine Enemy

  1. What was a black taxi?
  2. What was unusual about Van Zyl Slabbert’s catching it?
  3. What did Tokyo Sexwale say Mandela had done for white people?
  4.  What surprise awaited Mandela when he got home?

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